Moving Spots/Profiles

VL1100 LED

The VL1100 LED delivers high quality light and consistent colour reproduction, the lighting designer's first true alternative to traditional tungsten source in a moving head fixture.

Alpha Spot 300

This compact high performance 300W light packs a powerful punch, ideal for television or most events.

Alpha Spot 575 HPE

This high performance spot has a high reliability and wide effects section that is adaptable to any environment.

Alpha Spot 700 HPE

A 700W lamp in a compact and lightweight casing, which allows for fast and precise movements with peerless brightness.

Mac 500

The MAC 500 is a durable and reliable industry standard profile spot.

Mac 700

The new MAC 700 Profile is a compact unit with low noise output and full Gobo animation wheel. Proving to be an ideal light to be used with any television studio, in order to achieve numerous desired effects.

Mac 2000 Performance

The MAC 2000 Performance, with its ultra low noise levels, has been especially engineered for use in television studios and theatre. It incorporates a number of advanced features including a mechanised framing system and gobo animation module.

Mini Mac Profile

Available in titanium, this stylish, ultra-compact, automated moving head emits a bright, hard-edged beam perfect for pattern projection.

Mythos 2

Mythos 2 is a highly advanced form of hybrid light: first of all, it is an excellent 470 watt-lamp spotlight, which produces an outstanding large light beam, featuring a zoom that ranges from 4 to 50 degree (1:12 ratio)

Stage Light 300

Stage Light 300 is a moving body effects projector packed with a range of top level features.

Stage Profile Plus

Designed for television studios, the Stage Profile Plus SV possesses an array of sophisticated features, including exclusive framing engineering, innovative silence engineering and advanced graphics and effects engineering.

Stage Zoom 1200

A powerful and refined moving body graphic effects projector designed for the most demanding applications in television studios, theatres and concerts.

VL2000 Spot

This luminaire is small, fast, lightweight and virtually silent. An outstanding performer from this luminaire range.

VL3000 Spot

The VL3000 Spot luminaire sets new standards for imagery, beam control, colour and brightness in spot luminaries.

VL4000 Spot

The VL4000 Spot includes all the tools needed to create dynamic and useful lighting on any stage