Cyberlight SV

An automated luminaire with moving mirror, the Cyberlight SV combines unprecedented light power with stunning optical capabilities.

Golden Scan HPE

Golden Scan High Performance stands at the top of the Golden Scan range and offers outstanding enhancement of wide-angle effects and exceptional versatility of graphic features.

Golden Scan 3

Delivers exceptional luminous efficiency, a sharp-edged and perfectly uniform beam thanks to its sophisticated optics, and extremely smooth and precise pan and tilt motion.

Mini Scan 300

The Mini Scan’s success is largely due to its compact size, legendary reliability and operating economy in conditions of prolonged use, day after day.

Mini Scan 300 HPE

A versatile intelligent moving mirror luminaire, delivering incredible power and excellent luminous efficiency.

Stage Scan

The Stage Scan has a large number of high quality functions and is combined with strictly rational operational solutions.

Super Scan Zoom

This moving mirror projector is a complete and versatile fixture ideal for television studios and theatres.