Golden Scan HPE



  • Osram HMI 1200 (750 hour life) discharge lamp
  • 110,000 lumens
  • Wide-angle projection capacity
  • Standard lens unit: 25°
  • Add-on lens type focal length changeover system controlled from the lighting desk to adjust the projection angle from 25° to 15°
  • 113 combinations available are achieved by means of a series of high purity dichroic filters and special effects filters, mounted in 3 fully independent colour disks
  • The colour filters allow you to project bi-colour beams from 2 adjacent colours on the colour wheel, bi-colour concentric beams and 4 colour beams
  • Colour wheel with 7 colours + open; Special pale blue filter; Rainbow effect
  • Gobos | 2 separate wheels designed to work independently or together so that the patterns can be combined
  • Rotary gobos are indexed and can spin in either direction at speeds that are continuously variable from an almost imperceptible minimum up to top speed of 150 revs per minute, far faster than other gobo systems
  • HD Photographic gobos – (ext. ∅ 51,8mm – image ∅ 48,8mm)
  • Dichroic gobos – (ext. ∅ 51,8mm – image ∅ 48,8mm)
  • M-Size gobos – (ext.∅ 66mm)
  • Total of 5 high optical quality prisms
  • Frost effect obtained with 2 special filters with different diffusion makes it possible to change gradually from a concentrated beam to an increasingly soft-edged light, until total diffusion is reached with a very wide angle
  • Mechanical linear dimmer varies the luminous intensity from 0 to 100% with adjustable speed, totally uniform transition between the different levels and the facility for blacking out the light beam instantly
  • Strobe function, with variable frequency from 1 to 7 flashes per second.
  • Black-out time of only 70 milliseconds
  • Focus | Opens and closes at user-adjustable speeds, with the fastest opening and closing times being reduced by 1/3 with respect to conventional systems
  • Pan | 150°
  • Tilt | 110°
  • Can rotate through 360° on the projector body, can therefore be used in any position required
  • XLR: 5-Pin
  • Standard version: 200-240V / 50-60Hz
  • Total absorbed power is 1500VA
  • Forced ventilation system using an axial-flow fan and internal ducting for optimised air flow
  • Number of Channels | 12

Physical Data

Weight of Fixture | 42.2kg (with mirror head)
Fixture Dimensions | 330 x 1230 x 435mm

Shipping Data

Packing | Flightcase
Wheels | Yes
Quantity in Box | 1
Accessories Supplied | N/A
Weight | 86kg
Dimensions | 560 x 1340 x 500mm



Control Details:



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