Outdoor Effects


This lighting effect is designed for outside use and is visible from 8–10km. It projects powerful beams, which open, close and rotate.

City Colour 1800

The numerous colour shades achievable through the 3 filters can make the best of any lightened object.

Flight Domes

The Flight Dome is an inflatable casing that can house most moving lights, enabling them to be used outside.

Moving High Ground (1.2k)

Moving head version ideal for lighting outdoor events and concerts. On wheels and housed in a weather proof case to protect the equipment from the elements (IP43).

Moving High Ground (2k)

A 2k version of the Moving High Ground.

Super Nova 2k

This high power projector is for indoor and outdoor use and can be visible from 10-15km. It creates 32 powerful concentrated beams and includes full CMY colour mixing.