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Ideal for television studios and theatres.

Jarag - L

The Jarag-L provides the performance of a conventional lighting array with the ability to create unlimited lighting effects. All the electronics required (dimmers and control systems) are built in, making it simple and easy to use.

MR16 Batten

(10 Way or 20 Way)
These units are extremely user friendly and are supplied standard with a pair of floor plates.

Portman P1 (Retro)

Portman P1 is the first retro lamp which is perfect in every detail and beautiful. It can be used as a part of scenery but also as a strong light source.

Portman P2 (Hexaline)

Meet perfection
Beautiful and high quality
6 separate DMX channels
build in dimmers and electonic kit
6 x 230W halogen bulbs

Sunstrip Active

The Sunstrip is fully active and has a built in dimmerpack. In order to make the unit most versatile for many applications you can select different DMX modes.

2-Light Molefay

These 2-Lite Audience Blinders offer powerful output in a compact and lightweight package.

8-Light Molefay

This light contains 8 Par 36 lamps and each lamp bank will pan independently to alter light effect.

400W UV Cannon

Extremely powerful beam of black light for long distances and large areas.