Alex Juliat Followspot



  • The Alex long throw tungsten followspot blends well with conventional theatre lighting and maintains the flat beam and constant colour temperature during dimming which is so important to sensitive camera equipment
  • Fully closing iris cassette removable for fast, easy replacement
  • Universal adjustable gobo holder. A-size glass and metal gobos
  • Ergonomic dimmer control that can be adjusted to suit the operator’s preference
  • Smooth dimmer that retains flat beam and colour temperature when dimming.
  • Frost filter on flip lever for quick soft-edge beam effect
  • Individually removable colour frame
  • 6-way, self-cancelling boomerang colour-changer
  • Easy focus reference, graduated scale on side of lantern; fast and easy refocusing
  • Fine balance for precision positioning and smooth operation with the smallest of movements
  • Stand that is perfectly weighted for maximum stability with smooth rotation for optimum performance
  • Easy set up with a triple safety system for extra security
  • CP91 2500 W
  • 65,000 lumens
  • Focal length – 283 – 589 mm
  • Beam range – 7• to 14.5•
  • Gel filter – 210 mm circle
  • 10.5 A @ 240 V

Physical Data

Weight of Fixture | 35 kg
Fixture Dimensions | 1150 x 440 x 450 mm

Shipping Data

Packing | Flight case
Wheels | Yes
Quantity in Box | 1
Accessories Supplied | 1 x Stand, 1 x Shutter, 2 x Gobo Holders,
1 x Spare Lamp
Weight | 101 kg
Dimensions | 1250 x 590 x 410 mm





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