Flight Dome



  • IP Electric Double Isolation
  • IPX5 Protected against water splatters
  • Low Voltage
  • 73/23 Electromagnetic Compatibility 89/336
  • UV resistance of 3700 hours before any visible
  • Material for inflatable dome is a stitched crystal
  • XLR | 5-Pin 230V 50/60Hz 80VA at 230V 50 Hz (Turbine)
  • Can only be used on the floor

Physical Data

Weight of Fixture | 20kg
Fixture Dimensions | 740 x 740 x 370mm

Shipping Data

Packing | Built into Flightcase
Wheels | Yes
Quantity in Box | 1
Accessories Supplied | NA
Weight | 39kg
Dimensions | 1000 x 740mm



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