VL1100 LED


Weight of fixture:
32 Kg

Qty in box:
Op 1 – Standard 2 Units
Op 2 – 1 Unit
Op 3 – 3 Units

Full box:
Op 1 – 158kg
Op 2 – 86kg
Op 3 – 230kg

Other components within box:
1 x Bond, 2 x Hooks per unit

Dimensions (lxdxh):
Op 1 – 127cm x 59cm x 95cm
Op 2 – 127cm x 59cm x 55cm
Op 3 – 127cm x 59cm x 134cm



Please note all measurements and weights are approximate and should be used as a guide only.


The new VL1100 LED delivers high quality light and consistent color reproduction, the lighting designer’s first true alternative to traditional tungsten source in a moving head fixture.

A perfect ‘tungsten’ color shift and an innovative hybrid cooling system smoothly optimize the balance between light output and noise.

• Exclusive low-energy Vari-Lite LED engine
• Color reproduction consistent with existing VL1100
• Hybrid liquid / forced air cooling system
• 4-blade framing system (‘S’ version)
• CMY color mixing system
• Continuously variable zoom range 19°-36°: super zoom angles to 70°
• High CRI light output
• Tungsten red shift emulation during dimming
• User definable control of output/noise ratio
• 16-leaf Iris (‘I’ version)
• Color Enhancement channel
• Variable fan control channel