X3 Chroma Zone


4.5 Kg

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6 Kg

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483 x 88 x 240mm



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The ChromaZone6/12RM(X3) has numerous chases and effects built in making it possible to achieve fantastic effects without programming.

These internal effects can be selected via the UIM (User Interface Module) located on the front panel of the unit in Stand Alone mode or from a controller using a digital DMX (Digital MultipleX) signal.

When receiving a signal the ChromaZone6/12RM(X3) can operate
in 3, 6, 9, 10, 36, 42 or 46 Channel Modes.

Please see the lid printing
page for details of these Operating Modes, how to select them, Channel Listings, and further information.


DMX Protocol
(See Channel Listings for other modes)
The channels have the following functions in 46 Channel mode and
subsets of these in the other operating modes
1 All Red Master
2 All Green Master
3 All Blue Master
4 Internal Chase 1 Select
5 Internal Chase 1 Speed
6 Internal Chase 1 Level Master
7 Internal Chase 2 Select
8 Internal Chase 2 Speed
9 Internal Chase 2 Level Master
10 Master for the individual RGB Chs 11- 46 (Option 7 Dn)Global Grand Master (Option 7 Up).
11 ChromaFixture No.1 Red
12 ChromaFixture No.1 Green
13 ChromaFixture No.1 Blue
14 ChromaFixture No.2 Red … etc through to Channel 46