Richard Martin Lighting were extremely delighted when we were asked to be a part of Dreamflights yearly fundraising ball.  This amazing charity changes young lives through taking children with a serious illness or disability, without their parents, on the holiday of a lifetime to Orlando, Florida.  The Ball raises thousands of pounds to make children’s dreams come true, and we could not be prouder to be a part of it!

The look of the event was amazing and supported by RML’s disco light element really set the scene!  The Contra Twists, Cosmos Ball, Contra Pillars, Lunar 24 and Astroraggi Power sent the children into a world of retro disco, and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves – and a fabulous time was had by all!

Dick and Dom (Richard McCourt and Dominic Wood), quadruple BAFTA-winning children’s TV presenters, became Dreamflight Patrons a couple of years ago. They said:

“It’s such a privilege to become patrons of Dreamflight. It is an amazing charity helping some very poorly children’s dreams come true, and building their confidence on an incredible journey to Florida.”

The funny duo joined us in the evening before the flight every year to host a fabulous welcome party for the children.

Established in 1987 and operating annually since, Dreamflight believes that fun and joy are just as important as medical research and equipment – especially for children who perhaps can’t wait long enough for the breakthrough they need or whose illnesses and treatments have brought pain, distress and disruption to their lives.

Dreamflight is a registered UK charity that changes young lives through taking children with a serious illness or disability on the holiday of a lifetime to Orlando, Florida.

Once a year, 192 deserving children from all over the UK, accompanied by a team of medical carers, board a chartered Boeing 747 and head to Florida to spend 10 magical days of fun and excitement. Many children could not undertake such a trip without the support of the army of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and nonmedical volunteers who care for the children 24 hours a day.

Dreamflight is not just a holiday, it does something that medicine can’t. The children leave their families behind, giving them an opportunity to discover independence, confidence, and a whole new outlook on life. Often for the first time, these children realise that they are not alone, and they are not the odd one out. They see children around them who have also suffered, they gain perspective, and experience things they never thought possible.

The total cost of the Dreamflight trip each year is in the region of £750,000 which breaks down at approximately £3,500 per child. Dreamflight is funded solely by voluntary contributions, meaning our lifeblood is our army of volunteer fundraisers, for without these people the trips would just not be possible.

Dreamflight has been able to attract some corporate sponsorship, which has enabled the charity to be placed on a more stable financial footing, but we still rely heavily on individual fund-raising efforts.

As the charity has such minimal overheads, any financial support really does go directly to the children, and therefore every bit of support is tangible in terms of the benefits to a Dreamflight child.

Changing Lives Forever……


Please click onto the link below to find out more about this amazing charity and the work they do.