Pixeline 1044 (IP20)



  • 18 individually controllable cells
  • Can be flush connected end to end to produce a very low profile continuous emission of light with no break in LED pattern from fitting to fitting
  • Indicators to provide status of power, data presence and master/slave mode
  • Power digital microprocessor accessible via On-board User Interface
  • 4 digital alphanumeric display
  • Access to 2 channels of internal effects with up to 31 effects on each channel
  • Variations of speed, intensity level and cross-fade rate for each channel of effects
  • Selectable control mode for internal control, external DMX512 or a combination
  • Selectable DMX address
  • Various personalities and operating modes for different lighting applications
  • Feed through wiring for both power and DMX control to allow for “daisy chain” installation
  • IP Rating – IP20
  • 1044 high intensity RGB LEDs capable of 16.6 million colour permutations
  • RGB colour mixing capable of producing up to 16.6 million permutations
  • Side output beam angle 20º
  • No individual dimmer circuit required, up to 24 PixelLine 1044 devices could be connected to one 16amp radial circuit or 48 on one ring main
  • XLR | 5-Pin
  • 0.7A @ 240 VAC
  • Start Up | N/A
  • Proprietary (patent pending) heat management system
  • Number of Channels | 3, 6, 9, 27, 54 or 64 channels

Physcial Data

Weight of Fixture | 11kg
Fixture Dimensions | 84 x 1179 x 165mm

Shipping Data

Packing | Flightcase
Wheels | Yes
Quantity in Box (Max) | 9
Accessories Supplied | Specced per job
Weight (Max) | 140kg
Dimensions | 1060 x 1324 x 590mm



Control Details:



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