Colour Block 2 Kit


Weight of fixture:
1.3 kg (per block)

Qty in box:
5 x Heads and 1 x PSU (Kit)

Full box:

Other components within box:
10 x Brackets, 1 x 5m 4 pin
4 x 220mm link cable

Dimensions (lxdxh):
1370 x605 x378mm



Please note all measurements and weights are approximate and should be used as a guide only.


CRI of 90 – for tungsten emulation.
530 Lumens per block
Enhanced colour range – create subtle theatrical hues.
Single colour diffused optics virtually eliminate multicoloured shadows & offer camera friendly output.
Exceptional colour brightness & light output levels.
Advanced beam spreading technology – even colour mix across the beam.
High quality of colour depth, superior colour rendition & a warmer colour range.
Modular construction with range of fixing accessories – easily configured as a wide variety of shapes.
HSI (Hue, Saturation & Intensity), RGBA, RGB (*Magic Amber) &
RGBI (*Magic Amber) control – to enhance colour adjustment & easier control of light output.
Variable Effects Engine (V² technology) – choice of dynamic colour & effects parameters.
Heavy gauge anodised aluminium extrusion – lightweight but extremely robust.
Additional protection around the lenses – for a truly road-proof fixture

250mm x 62mm x 117mm

1.3kg per block


DMX Protocol (See Channel Listings)
PSU-30 DMX Personality Mode 1
In mode 1 grouping is variable
Mode 1 (367ch)
1. Grouping
2. Colour Speed
3. Colour Fan
4. Colour Range
5. Colour Step
6. Intensity Effects
7. Intensity Fan
8. Hue for group 1
9. Saturation for group 1
10. Intensity for group 1
11. Hue for group 2
12. Saturation for group 2
13. Intensity for group 2
………and so on up to group 120
Total 367 DMX channels

For other modes see Channel Listings