Alpha Beam 300



The Alpha Beam 300 produces a super concentrated parallel light beam. It is the ideal beam moving light for professional live set-ups, especially for “long throw” use.

  • Movement by means of two stepper motors, controlled by microprocessor
    12 stepper motors, operating with microsteps, totally microprocessor controlled
  • Bipolar circuit breaker with thermal protection
  • Standard electronic ballast that means total absence of flicker, a universal power supply selectable automatically.
  • Power | 2A @ 230VAC
  • Start Up | 3A
  • DMX | 3 or 5 Pin XLR
  • Lamp | MSR Gold 300/2 Mini Fast-Fit discharge lamp with built-in power supply
  • Light Output | Luminous flux 22000 lm
  • Optics | Elliptic reflector with high luminous efficiency
  • Colour | CMY + Color Wheel (8+1) allow the light beam to be colored at will
    2 CTO filters (3200K and 2500K), 1 CTB filter and a selection of new colors: Orange, Aquamarine, deep Green, deep Blue (Night Light effect) and saturated Red.
  • The colour wheel uses a new snap-shot system that increases the colour changing speed
  • GOBOS | 8 fixed gobos
  • Beam Effects | Linear frost can be used to pass from a narrow hard beam to a more or less soft one
  • Pan/Tilt | Three-phase allow faster Pan (2.75sec/540°) and Tilt (1.65sec/250°) movements
  • Light Output | Luminous flux 22000 lm
  • Device locking Pan and Tilt mechanisms for transportation and maintenance
  • Tilt | 250°
  • Pan: 540°

Physical Data

Weight of Fixture | 20kg
Fixture Dimensions | 385 x 405 x 630mm

Shipping Data

Packing | Flightcase
Wheels | Yes
Quantity in Box | 2
Accessories Supplied | 4 x Hooks, 2 x Bonds
Weight of Flightcase | 99kg
Dimensions of Flightcase | 1090 x 490 x 870mm



Control Details:



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