VL3500 Wash



  • Interchangeable front lenses | Fresnel, Plano Convex Stippled, or Plano Convex Clear
  • MSR Gold 1500 SA DE metal halide lamp, 6000°K
  • 50,000 lumens
  • Precision glass reflector with dichroic cold mirror coating
  • Two fixed colour wheels, each with six interchangeable colour filter positions
  • CTO colour temperature correction filter
  • Zoomable beam spreader mechanism with continuous beam size control for rapid changes
  • Smooth timed beam angle changes
  • Aperture wheel that includes various opening diameters and it can be rotated continuously to create effects
  • Dual blade strobe system
  • Zoomable beam optics mechanism for continuous beam size control with 10° to 50° range, which depends the on lens configuration
  • Stepper motors with encoder correction and smooth time continuous motion
  • Pan | 540°
  • Tilt | 250°
  • XLR: 5-Pin
  • 7-12A @ 180-260 VAC
  • Start Up | 12A
  • Forced air cooling
  • Number of Channels | 19 Channels in Enhanced 16-Bit Mode

Physical Data

Weight of Fixture | 43.5kg
Fixture Dimensions | 838 x 508 x 457mm

Shipping Data

Packing | Flightcase
Wheels | Yes
Quantity in Box | 2
Accessories Supplied | 4 x Hooks, 2 x Safety Bonds

Weight | 183kg
Dimensions | 1350 x 590 x 950mm




Control Details:



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