Nitro 510c (RGB)

Flight Case


Quantity in box:
Box of up to 6 units

Full box:

Other components in box:
Depends on specification

1130 x 600 x 610mm



Please note all measurements and weights are approximate and should be used as a guide only.


The fixture also includes features such as continuous-on, continuous full strobe, plus a built-in quick-connect system that allows units to easily connect together in both horizontal and vertical orientations, maintaining a perfect pixel pitch alignment of each fixture’s six programable zones.

120° beam angle.

50,000 lumens

Six independent zones

Separate white emitters deliver a true white strobe effect without compromising performance

Unlimited continuous on and continuous strobe operation

Quick-connect system enables luminaires to be joined together side to side and top to bottom

Compatible with SL NITRO series and SL BAR 520

264 high power white SMD LEDs. 264 high power RGB color SMD LEDs

Exciting multi-zone macro chases enable the quick creation of dynamic color and strobe effects

Variable strobe: 0-650 ms. Strobe rate: 0-30

Pre-programed special effects

DMX512-A / RDM. Local LCD menu system

8-bit and 16-bit RGB and W control; 6 channel mode


DMX Protocol (RGBW Full Mode)
1. Intensity High
2. Instensity Low
3. Colour Preset
4. Strobe Effects
5. Intensity Timings
6. Colour Timings
7. Control Channel
8. Zone 1 Intensity
9. Red 1-6 High
10. Red 1-6 Low
11. Green 1-6 High
12. Green 1-6 Low
13. Blue 1-6 High
14. Blue 1-6 Low
15. White 1-6 High
16. White 1-6 Low
17. Zone 1-6 Red Strobe Duration
18. Zone 1-6 Red Strobe Rate
19. Zone 1-6 Green Strobe Duration
20. Zone 1-6 Green Strobe Rate
21. Zone 1-6 Blue Strobe Duration
22. Zone 1-6 Blue Strobe Rate
23. Zone 1-6 White Strobe Duration
24. Zone 1-6 White Strobe Rate