Liteware Satelite (On Pole)


Weight of fixture:
16.2 Kg

Qty in box:
4 (Max)

Full box:
125 Kg

Other components in box:
RGB Head + Floor bases (Poles supplied in bags)

790 x 540 x 780 (not inc poles)


Other Information:
Chargers built in to flightcase.


Please note all measurements and weights are approximate and should be used as a guide only.


W-DMX, SHoW DMX & Lumen Radio CRMX Control Integral, rugged Aerial Design

14 hour runtime from fully charged

Weather proof design

50 preset colours Lee and Rosco 20 preset snaps/fades Charging cycle 6 hours

Available singularly or in Flightcases with inbuilt charging

Finished in mirrored stainless steel to blend in with any surrounding

Kensington Security lock ready

Lumen Output RGB 1800lm Lumen Output Warm White 2500lm

Uncalibrated option for more user flexibility and higher output RX/TX option, for transmit and receive on every unit 5 channel control option with master fade and preset recall

Easily upgradable firmware on all models

Made in UK Designed for indoor and outdoor use

Low Heat No Cables No 230 Volt


DMX Mode


Wireless DMX Mode Address
Stand Alone Mode
601-650 Fixed Colour Mode
651-660 Colour Fade Sequence
661-670 Colour Snap Sequence
The display will blank after 5 seconds of button in activity.

Wireless DMX Mode (Address 1-510)

In WDMX Mode – the unit will simply respond to the
DMX levels being received.
DMX channel allocations are as follows:
Start Address Red Level
Start Address +1 Green Level
Start Address +2 Blue Level