LED Screens

Colour Web Controller

PSU 10-DMX is an integrated power controller for Color Web.
It will find primary application with Color Web due to the robust design and truss mounting capability.
Five outputs are provided; each output can drive a total of 32 pixels

Colour Web 250 Kit

The Color Web is a clear-cut design of 16 x LED lights attached to a 1m x 1m panel.

LC2140 Panels

The LC2140 is a LED video Screen manufactured by Martin Professional. Each panel is made up of 25 acrylic tubes with a total of 3750 LEDs in each LC2140 panel.
The LC panels are supplied with new Martin P3-100 System Controller

P3 Controller

The P3-100 System Controller is a robust video signal processing unit that allows video to join with lighting and scenic technologies for true visual integration. Based on embedded Linux and solid state storage, just one P3-100 Controller can handle up to 500.000 pixels scaled to any size.