LED Effects/Kits

150mm/300mm Chroma Sphere

The ChromaSphere is a sphere, internally illuminated with high-power LEDs enabling the sphere to be changed to any colour. Available in sizes 150mm and 300mm.

300mm Chroma Cube

The ChromaCube is a 300mm cube, internally illuminated with high-power LEDs allowing you to change it to any colour.

Chroma Birdie

MR16 LEDs encased in a Chrome Can.

Chroma MR16 Set Kit

Due to the popularity of the Chroma Set Kits, RML has decided to custom make a kit with 12x MR16 Hearts and 1x ChromaZone.

Chroma Panel 600mm

The ChromaPanel is a 590mm square colour mixing panel that utilises 132 LEDs to create a vivid panel of changing colour making it ideal for 600mm grid suspended ceilings, decorative walls or set displays.

Chroma Set Kit

The Chroma Set Kit is a RML custom made package which consists of 12 Pulsar ChromaHearts, 1 ChromaZone and cables. The basic kit allows a set designer the freedom to build creatively.

LED 12 Light

12 LED clusters mounted in a standard 12-lite blinder. Producing over 16 million colours, the in-built controller allows the light to function either in stand alone or DMX mode.

LED Par 36 Cans

This standard Par 36 short-nosed chrome Par Can provides a choice of over 16 million colours from one source. The lights are controlled via a Pulsar ChromaZone controller and are available in sets of 12.

Nexus 4 x 4

The Nexus 4x4 is both a bold eye-candy and tour-ready wash light capable of delivering at once the sizzle of a pixel mapping display and a robust light output afforded by sixteen 20 Watt RGB COB LEDs.