HO Uplighter



  • Full RGB with 16 bit dimming curve
  • Wireless DMX Control
  • Up to 12 hour runtime from fully charged battery (5 hours full white)
  • 50 preset colours
  • 20 preset colour chases
  • Charging Cycle Approximately 8 hours
  • Wireless Firmwire Update
  • Lamp |RGB LED
  • Output | Lumen 1600lm
  • LiteWare-HO conforms to the following standards |EN 61000-6-3 Light Industrial Emissions and EN 61000-4-2 Heavy Industrial Immunity
  • 1-510 Wireless DMX Mode Address
  • The display will blank after 5 seconds of button activity.
  • WIRELESS DMX MODE (Address 1-510)
  • In WDMX Mode—the unit will simply respond to the DMX levels being received
  • In WDMX mode, the unit will hold the last DMX value upon loss of signal of DMX. The unit will store this level when turned off so it can be resumed when it is powered back up
  • If the battery is disconnected, these values will be lost
  • Lite-Ware-HO is automatically unlinked from the transmitter when plugged into the charger. The link status is shown on the LED display on the base of the unit when Lite-Ware-HO is powered on.

Please refer to the W-DMX transmitter user manual for further information about the linking process.


Physical Data

Weight of Fixture | 15.5kg
Fixture Dimensions |180 x 210 x 330mm

Shipping Data

Packing | Flightcases (with charger built in)
Wheels | Yes
Quantity in Box (Max) | 6
Accessories Supplied | N/A
Weight (Max)| 136kg
Dimensions | 720 x 485 x 745mm



Control Details:



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