Weight of fixture:

Quantity in box:

Full Box:

Other Components in box:
16amp power cable.

37cm (l) x 37cm (w) x 55cm (h)



Please note all measurements and weights are approximate and should be used as a guide only.


One of the original and classic effects found in many clubs. This effect was copied by many, but this is the original. This is a Clay Paky Astroraggi. Clay Paky made a few different versions of this unit such as the dual and power. This unit uses a 250 watt MSD discharge arc lamp in the center. The unit then has a rotating dome over the lamp that rotates at a high speed. The effect is flashing bright beams of light coming out of random lenses on the unit. Unit has 2 separate circuits. 1 for the lamp and 1 for the rotation motor. Unit made in Italy.

The Astroraggi 250W, launched in 1982, is a great stand alone effect that uses a single lamp to create dozens of great beams when used with or without smoke or haze. It uses top quality optics to project the beams, and a controllable internal shutter allows for many different effects to be created. It is also a great looking object and can be used for it’s sculptural/decorative look. Plug and play – no dmx required.