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Robe's super fast ROBIN 100 LEDBeam is the ultimate effects lighting tool. A highly optimized motorized control produces speedy pan and tilt movement, three LED zones allow the creation of various colour chases, and the extra punchy seven degree beam angle can be amplified with fast strobing.

Simplified control via pre-programmed colours, colour chases and effects on a virtual colour wheel and various strobing and pulsing effects allow quick and easy programming.

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SOURCE                                                              POWER REQUIREMENTS

- 12 RGBW multichips                                                                                                           - Electronic auto-ranging

- LED Life Expectancy: minimum 60.000 hours                                                                     - Input voltage 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz

- Typical Lumen Maintenance: 70% @ 60.000 hours

                                                                                                         NUMBER OF CHANNELS

DIMMER/ SHUTTER/ STROBE                                      - Control channels 35, 19, 14, 9, 35, 37

- High resolution dimmer 0-100%

- Strobe effect with variable speed (max.20 flashes per second)                                            MEASUREMENTS

- Pre-programmed random strobe & pulse-effects                                                                   - H 314 x W 233 x D 149 mm

- Colour rainbow effects in both directions with variable speeds                             

- Individual colour control of each LED zone                                                                           WEIGHT

                                                                                                           - 4kg


- Pan movement range 450 degree

- Tilt movement range 300 degree

- 16 bit movement resolution

- Automatic pan/tilt position correction


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