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LiteWare Satellite is the newest member of the successful LiteWare family and provides a completely flexible new way of thinking for battery based Luminaries.

Weight of fixture
16.2 Kg
Qty in box
4 (Max)
Full box
122 Kg
Other components in box
RGB or White Heads +Poles

Other Information
Battery in flightcase.
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Please note all measurements and weights are approximate

and should be used as a guide only.

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  •  W-DMX, SHoW DMX & Lumen Radio CRMX Control
  • Integral, rugged Aerial Design
  • 14 hour runtime from fully charged
  • Weather proof design
  • 50 preset colours Lee and Rosco
  • 20 preset snaps/fades
  • Charging cycle 6 hours
  • Available singularly or in Flightcases with inbuilt charging
  • Finished in mirrored stainless steel to blend in with any surrounding
  • Kensington Security lock ready
  • Lumen Output RGB 1800lm
  • Lumen Output Warm White 2500lm
  • Uncalibrated option for more user flexibility and higher output
  • RX/TX option, for transmit and receive on every unit
  • 5 channel control option with master fade and preset recall
  • Easily upgradable firmware on all models
  • Made in UK
  • Designed for indoor and outdoor use
  • Low Heat
  • No Cables
  • No 230 Volt



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