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The Masterpiece range of universal lighting controllers will control theatre lanterns, scans, par cans, strobes, pin spots, tubelights, display spots, downlighters, floods, multi-mirror lamps, neon etc. and produces every look you can ask for. The Masterpiece range has a powerful multi-tasking structure for simple and quick programming and editing.

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Weight of fixture 5.6 Kg
Qty in box 1
Full box 20 Kg
Other components within box  
Dimensions (lxdxh) 510x 170x 620mm
Wheels No
Other Information  

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Please note all measurements and weights are approximate

and should be used as a guide only.

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  • CHANNELS – are the level at which Masterpiece communicates with lighting fixtures. Channel level information is transmitted in both Pulsar Multiplex (PMX) and DMX serial digital formats.
  • SCENES – each containing any of the output channels recorded at any level. Scenes allow you to save a particular look or position.
  • SCENE CHASES – a sequence of Scene memories. All may run concurrently, with individual speeds, slopes, directions and triggers. Chases can also utilize a powerful Chase Generator system.
  • ENVIRONMENTS – contain any combination of channel levels, Scenes and Scene Chases. Each Environment memory contains all of the items you require to produce a particular dynamic mood in your performance. Environments also facilitate powerful structured moving-light programming.
  • ENVIRONMENT CHASES – complete shows on one button. They can even be recorded and played in real-time!
Masterpiece units feature internal non-volatile memory to protect your programmes. In addition you can store your shows on credit card sized RAM cards for backup, changing shows or transfer between Masterpieces. Masterpiece units also provide an advanced security facility making it ideal for pre-programming applications.
  • Control Channels – 108 fully dimmable PMX
  • Output patch - to 256 DMX output slots
  • Outputs – Analogue 1-36 x 0-10V via 6 x 8-pin DIN
  • PMX (RS232) via 1 x XLR5 and 1 x XLR3
  • DMX (RS485) via 2 x XLR
  • Audio Inputs - Microphone via 1 x mono ¼” jack
  • Pre-amp via 2 x stereo ¼” jack (In/Thru)
  • Speaker via 2 x stereo ¼” jack (In/Thru
  • Remote Control - 6 x 0 –10V via 8-pin DIN Input
  • MIDI Input - via 2 x 5-pin DIN (In/Thru)
  • 100 – 130/200 – 240V 50-60Hz 15W
  • H x W x D: 354.8 x 482.6 x 150mm
  • 5.6 KG


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