Compulite Sabre Minimize

Providing absolute moving lights control and enhanced live operation.

Flightcase Information Minimize
Weight of fixture 20kg
Qty in box 1
Full box 35 Kg
components within box 1x Mains, 1x Keyboard, 2x Monitors
Dimensions (lxdxh) 1030x 650x 370mm
Wheels No
Other Information Monitor cases - 25kg: 830x820x320

Disclaimer Minimize

Please note all measurements and weights are approximate

and should be used as a guide only.

Product details Minimize

  • Up to 252 intelligent moving lights – DMX512 and proprietary protocols
  • 1024 control channels for conventional fixtures, scrollers and other DMX devices
  • 3072 channels on 6 output connectors for DMX512 and proprietary protocol
  • 8 banked wheels with LCD displays and quick parameter selection keys
  • Trackball to control pan and tilt with fine-tuning and axis-locking option• Joy stick for enhanced pan/tilt control +/or Leader operation
  • 2 automatic dipless crossfaders with dedicated rate wheels
  • 24 Controllers with Go/Hold keys, Bump buttons and LCD display can hold any assignment types, and operate in various modes including Join-ing for simultaneous operation
  • Extensive Soft Keys bank
  • 2 inhibitive Submasters
  • Up to 100 Cue lists containing more than 1000 memories which can be divided to up to 9 Parts, each with its own fade and wait time
  • Effect editor for creating complex movements and pre-programmed effects package stored on hard drive
  • Position, Colour and Gobo libraries
  • Palette database holds up to 999 entries and provides non-tracking database
  • 99 snaps
  • 999 macros
  • Events for complex playback operations can be operated manually or programmed to be triggered by memories or SMPTE time-code
  • Text tags may be added to any user data from libraries
  • Moving-Light Types (Devices) can be selected from an extensive library
  • 2 display screens
  • Internal SMPTE clock for triggering Memories, Events and Macros
  • Ethernet communication featuring full Remote Control of the console, DMX Distribution, Displays Distribution and Remote File Server
  • Full CAD support for CompuCAD and Wysiwyg
  • Integral hard drive and floppy disc drive. Archiving data via Ethernet to a remote file server on a PC
  • Full Tracking Backup support system via Ethernet to ensure failsafe operation
  • Output /& DMX512 DMX512 High End S-Mix
  • Connectors Channels Spots Protocol Protocol
  • Connector 1 yes yes yes no
  • Connector 2 yes yes yes no
  • Connector 3 yes yes yes no
  • Connector 4 yes yes yes yes
  • Connector 5 yes yes yes yes
  • Connector 6 yes yes yes yes
  • 6 x DMX512 and/or propriety protocols
  • MIDI – standard IN/OUT/THRU
  • Ethernet 10BaseT
  • 2 x SVGA/LCD video outputs
  • Alphanumeric text keyboard
  • Printer port
  • Remote Bus
  • 2 x Serial port RS-232
  • 2 x desklight connectors (12v)
  • 2 connectors for DMX512 in/SMPTE
  • In 110 – 240 VAC ~ 1.SA 50/60 Hz
  • Out 50 w MAX
  • AC IN/THRU 100 – 240 VAC
  • Processor Unit - Processor 486/Pentium
  • Program Memory 4Mb Flash
  • Data Memory 2Mb – with battery back up
  • H x W x D: 110 X 1270 X 500mm
  • 20 KG


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