Harry Hill's Alien Fun Capsule

Aliens have invaded earth and in order to save humanity you need to create a capsule with the best the human race has to offer – what would you choose?

That’s the very loose premise behind the new ITV show Harry Hill’s Alien Fun Capsule. Lit by Lighting Designer Martin Kempton, supported by Richard Martin Lighting, the show sees the responsibility fall to the wacky comic who gathers a panel of celebrities each week to deliver judgment on comedy moments, some of which are dug up from television gone by, some created in the studio to help fill the capsule. All to sway our new alien overlords to spare the human race.

The celebrity panel each week are put through their paces like all of Harry Hill’s victims in previous success TV Burp, with clips from television appearances dug up and commentated on with the dry and witty asides Harry is famed for. The shows researchers have really done their homework with a clip of panellist Kathy Burke in a very early TV appearance in drama Slags, and author and comedienne Sara Pascoe being presented with an unexpected video of a family member. Fellow panellist Kelvin Fletcher is presented with a montage of all the times his character Andy Sugden in Emmerdale meanders around shirtless, leading to much ribbing from Harry and the fellow panellists.

For what is being deemed a spiritual successor to TV Burp, Martin has opted for lighting that accentuates the wacky and bright nature of the show. The rig comprises Mac Auras, VL1000TS, Pixel Par 90s, Alpha Spot 575 HPEs, Robin LED Beam 100s, Stagebar 54s, Chroma Banks and Chroma Floods.

Martin said ‘Harry’s humour is cartoon-like so the lighting has to reflect this with bold, bright colours.  I also had to be able to change the look of the set in an instant when a piece of music was played or a sting happened.  Action could and did take place all over the set so this was no ordinary panel show.  The rig I used gave me this flexibility.’

Fun is at the nature of the show, with the competition between the panellists put to the backburner. At one point during the first show, Harry quips “Probably should have some point scoring, in case we try to sell it abroad.” This is light hearted family fun at its finest with Harry Hill back on top form.

Harry Hill’s Alien Fun Capsule continues on ITV on Thursday at 8.30pm.

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